Product Care

Recycled Jacket Care

Use a gentle or hand-wash cycle on your washing machine at 30c and a cool tumble dry or simply hang until dry!

Please do not use any harsh detergents as these may damage the fibres..

Down Jacket Care

We hope the below is useful - bear with us, this isn't the most exciting bit of the website (that would be our awesome kit!) but it might help your products last longer :)


Down is the fluffy undercoat found on ducks, geese and other wildfowl. This fluffiness (or Loft) creates lots of tiny air pockets to trap and retain heat. Gram for gram therefore, down provides a better warmth-to-weight ratio than any man-made, synthetic fibre, making it an ideal choice for colder climate use. Combine this with the fact that down is lightweight and compressible means a down sleeping bag or jacket makes for a great investment.


Down may be great, but it needs some love...

Ultimately, with good care, you shouldn't need to wash your down jackets (or if you do, once a year should suffice). 

We don't recommend using a top-loading washing machine as this can damage your down jacket, however for a front-loading machine, the below works well:


1 - Set your washing machine to delicate / gentle and turn the temperature to cold  (30c or less).

2 - Turn your down jacket inside out and use a gentle detergent (no softener!).

3 - Once the cycle has finished, turn to your dryer function and set to a low heat.

4 - Add some tennis balls (3 will do - this stops the down from clumping when the bash around during the cycle!) and some towels to help absorb excess moisture.

5 - Run the cycle 2-3 times as necessary until your down jacket is dry, shaking between each cycle to prevent clumping.



Please wash inside out at 30c, on a gentle cycle.


Washcare instructions are on inner labels in all our products too! 


Hope this helps!

The FOS team :)