• 1 plastic bottle takes roughly 450 years to decompose
  • Producing 1 bottle of water requires 6 bottles of water to make it
  • Manufacturing 14 plastic bags uses roughly the same amount of petrol as driving 1 mile in a car
Being a devon company, we love the sea, live by the sea and see the sea every day. Given the happiness the sea gives us, we want to help reduce plastic usage & raise awareness of plastic pollution. By making a small change to our products, we can make a small change to our environment and improve our ability to do good.
We are at a tipping point in our global consumption of plastic products. There is no way around it other than to stop producing new plastic and reusing or recycling all plastic currently in existence. Unfortunately, some 269,000 tonnes of this plastic is in our Oceans, accumulating in giant garbage patches (called gyres) or washing ashore around our coastline as a result of prevailing winds and ocean currents.
This plastic then fragments into smaller and smaller pieces (microplastics and nurdles) damaging marine habitats and either entangling marine animals and seabirds or being inadvertently mistaken for food and ingested by them, impacting ocean life and causing suffering to countless species (in fact, it is estimated some 80% of seabirds have ingested plastic).
Not only do visible plastics cause damage, but the composition of these plastic also promotes the absorption of hydrophobic toxins, which float on the surface of the ocean. Usually, these toxins are spread far and wide and don’t impact us, however, plastic particles absorb these toxins, further increasing the danger to marine life and the likelihood of entering the food chain.
What can we do? 
Research by Imperial College London has shown that removing plastics from coastal areas is a more effective way of reducing pollution and avoid damaging marine eco systems. This is largely due to preventing plastic fragmenting further once it reaches the open ocean. 
If we collaborate to educate, inform and raise awareness of plastic pollution, we can all come together to make small changes in our outlook, culture and lifestyle which can make a big difference and hopefully inspire people to help care for the environment they live in.
Fostering this change takes time, but below are small but effective steps to get started: